The General


Razor Type

The General is an Artist Club single edge safety razor designed in-house and CNC machined out of 316L stainless steel in the USA.  It has an elegant glass bead blasted finish.

The razor weighs 90 grams and has a 93 mm long handle.  It is perfectly balanced and feels wonderfully nimble in the hand.


Design Inspiration

The General's handle design was inspired by the tapered shape of a cannon and will add a unique aesthetic to any gentleman's bathroom.  The razor is proudly named in honor of Henry Knox, who first served as Chief Artillery Officer of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.


“We want great men who, when fortune frowns, will not be discouraged.”

General Henry Knox



The razor head's geometry rigidly clamps and secures the blade better than any other single edge razor in history.  As a result, it provides an efficiently smooth shave that will prevent razor bumps and irritation when used properly by allowing the weight of the razor do the work.  

The razor has a positive blade exposure and is rated as a 6/10 on the aggression scale.


Blade Compatibility

Feather Professional, Feather Professional Super, Feather ProGuard, Feather Soft Guard, Kai Captain Original, Kai Captain Sharpblade, Kai Captain Titan Mild, Kai Captain Titan ProTouch MG, Schick Proline P-30, Kamisori.

Feather Professional Light is not compatible.

Feather Professional and Schick Proline P-30 are the two blades that we personally recommend.  If you want a more aggressive shave, then a Feather Professional Super would be the choice.