The Silversmith



Razor Type: Double edge safety razor

Material: 316L stainless steel 

Finish: Glass bead blasted

Manufacturing Process: CNC machined

Weight: 94.5 grams

Handle: 12.50 mm x 83 mm long (56.3 grams)

Design Inspiration: 18th century silversmith art

Aggression Rating: 5/10

Packaging: Basic shipping box with the razor bubble wrapped inside just like we shipped razors in the past.  

Shipping: Free USA shipping, $22 International, and $12 Canada


Designed in-house in Birdsboro, PA and machined in the USA. 


Pre-orders have sold out and all who pre-ordered were aware that they were charged at the time of the purchase.  We estimate that the razors will be shipped to customers in early August.  We will do updates via newsletter and social media posts.