The Silversmith



The Silversmith is a double edge safety razor that is CNC machined out of 316L stainless steel in the USA by a skilled machinist with 20+ years of experience and finished with a glass bead blast to bring a unique elegance to an enthusiast's shave den.

It was designed in-house by Kyle, and rigorously tested and approved by Kirk.

The design was manufactured from 2019-2021 and received praise for its aesthetic qualities and superb shaving performance.



The Silversmith's design was inspired by 18th century silversmith art.




The razor head precisely clamps and secures the blade, eliminating any blade chatter and flex.  It is incredibly smooth and an outstanding daily shaver.  It also performs exceptionally well on heavy beard growth due to the rigidly clamped blade at the three end supports.

The handle’s milled helix, rolled diamond knurling, and external rings all provide for a luxurious feel in the hand.

The razor's center of gravity is located at the upper diamond knurled grip point. 

It has a positive blade exposure and is rated as a 5/10 on the aggression scale.

Head Weight: 37.9 grams

Handle Weight: 68.1 grams

Handle Length: 88 mm

Threading: M5 x 0.8 mm

Most other razor handles are compatible.


Blade Compatibility

All double edge razor blades.