The General



Razor Type: Artist Club single edge safety razor

Artist Club Blade Compatibility: Feather, Kai Captain, Kamisori, Schick Proline P-30. Feather Lights are not compatible.

Artist Club Blade Recommendation: Feather Professional and Schick Proline P-30

Material: 316L stainless steel 

Finish: Glass bead blasted

Manufacturing Process: CNC machined

Razor Weight: 89.5 grams

Handle: 87 mm long

Design Inspiration: Minimalist design inspired by the tapered shape of a cannon and named in honor of George Washington.

Aggression Rating: 6/10

Blade Exposure: Positive

Shave Performance: This razor’s cutting action is performed in a comfortable, efficient manner and will prevent razor bumps/ingrown hairs when used properly by allowing the weight of the razor do the work.  It has an appropriate level of blade feedback to assist the user during the beard reduction process.  It is perfect for a beginner or for someone who shaves more frequently and prefers a hassle-free, comfortable shave.

Packaging: Shipping box and bubble wrap. The simple and humble Colonial way since Day 1 of our business. 

Shipping: Free USA shipping, $25 International, and $15 Canada

Customs Forms: We will only declare the true value of the razor on customs forms.


Improvements from the Original Design (2016-2018):

  • 27% reduction in head size made possible by a keyway cutout in the threaded rod. The modified threaded rod could not be broken or even budged when we tried snapping it in half with our hands during R&D. 
  • Significant reduction in blade reveal (i.e., the blade protrusion from the top cap) to maximize rigidity and prevent blade chatter.
  • Geometric modifications to perfect the blade clamping mechanism.
  • Wider lather slot.
  • Longer threaded rod to increase the thread engagement with the handle.
  • Improved symmetry and balance. 


Designed in-house in Birdsboro, PA and machined in the USA. 


”During the first shave with this razor, I found myself laughing out loud at times due to the epicness of the shave. This version, after numerous shaves and having experience with vintage and modern SE razors, leads me to believe that we have created one of the best SE razors ever.”  -Kyle 


”Like a wedge straight razor, but with the comfort of a safety bar.”  -Kirk